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Welcome to the Eastbourne Skate School website – the Internet home of Eastbourne Skating.

SK8school has been teaching Eastbourne to skate since 1995 and we have the most qualified and experienced instructors around. We are the only Internationally recognised Skate School in Eastbourne and the only group qualified to teach skate lessons beyond beginner level in the area.

SK8school has a team of 10+ Instructors, Coaches and Consultants covering much of Sussex and South London, with Skate Lessons, Skate Events, Roller Discos and Roller Birthday Parties, Hen Parties and Skate Hire.

Our Group Eastbourne Skate Lessons are the most affordable in Eastbourne , with a voucher from participating skate shops. Our Family Eastbourne Roller Disco also runs all year. We are a Child and Family Friendly Co-operative of skating professionals ready to get your life rolling!

Pier 2 Pier Charity Skate! 21st May

Last Leg from Fort Fun - smallTime to get practising and finding sponsors for the You Raise Me Up Charity Skate on the 21st May. Fabulous fun, skating from Eastbourne Pier to Hastings Pier for a good cause. Check out the Event Details here.

Going to be an amazing event, any help you can give would be appreciated. Whether its simply a donation or sponsorship, spreading the word or helping on the day we can use you!

You Raise Me Up

Eastbourne Skating Treasure Hunt Sunday 8th May

The planning is well under-way, team registration is open on the Treasure Hunt Event Page Here.

Please Register ASAP to aid the planning process.Treasure Hunters

When booking in, please ensure your team has saved BOTH dates, in case of bad weather.

No team? No problem, register ASAP as per the NO TEAM registration instructions.

Full details and registration on the Skaters Treasure Hunt Event Here.

Happy Hour Lands at Eastbournes Biggest Roller Disco!

Each Saturday we’ve noticed a distinct “change of use” of our roller disco as the session progresses and its led a few of you to ask for an official ruling on something that’s happening naturally in any case…

So here’s to the start of “Happy Hour” – the families start to pack up towards 5pm, but the teenagers and the young at heart love to stretch their legs and have “the need for speed”.

If you roll in from 4:45pm, any Saturday you’ll get charged the Happy Hour price of £2 … and you can expect a huge floor, less crowded with families and predominantly housing faster more able skaters.

Spread the word and enjoy!

How to get to Eastbourne’s Most Spacious Roller Disco

Just a few short weeks till “the BIG ONE is open”. Eastbournes MOST SPACIOUS Roller Disco will be ready to roll on Saturday February 6th, 2pm till 6pm, that’s 4 hours of the Biggest Skating around FREE – with plenty of games and no need to leave the floor if games are not for you 🙂

How spacious are we talking about? Take a look at the photos below – both of skate parties for 60 people…

Floor size comparison – Hampden Park Roller Disco vs Eastbourne Roller Disco

Quality you can be sure of… SK8school will continue to partner Eastbourne Borough Council to provide the towns, council roller discos.

So how easy to find is our Great Big Central Eastbourne Roller Disco?

  • Easy to find – we’re at the Eastbourne Sports Park, behind the Hospital.
  • Right next to Sussex Downs College
  • Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 2UF
  • FREE Car parking in a spacious easy to find car park.
  • Great bus links, use route 55 or 56 and stop right outside the door.
  • Easy walk from Sainsburys, David Lloyd, Hospital, Hampden Park, Old town.
  • Close for walking from Ratton school, Cavendish etc.
  • 10 Minutes walk from Hampden Park Train Station

Help make it even more amazing, bring everyone you know to the this HUGE skate event – WHY NOT? IT’S FREE for the first TWO WEEKS!

Dates for your diary:

February 6th 2pm-6pm BIG SKATE OPENING NIGHT, FREE entry and skate hire.

February 13th 2pm-6pm VALENTINES SPECIAL and FREE entry and skate hire.

February 20th 2pm-6pm HALF TERM Skate, only £3.50 for advance tickets for a 4 hour skate at the Eastbourne Roller Disco. <Click for more details!


How to find Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 2UF Sports Park Centre.:

New Huge Roller Disco, Tiny cost of entry…

With less than a month to go till the Most Spacious Roller Disco around opens its doors we can now confirm the cost of Entry, for a single ticket for 4 hours of NON STOP skating…

  • £3.50 (advance tickets, £4 on the door)
  • £12 Family ticket
  • £2 Skate Hire

However no need to worry about that for the first TWO WEEKS, ITS FREE!

So here’s 3 reasons to visit each week:

  1. Our Lowest price Roller Disco entry, with family friendly refreshment prices
  2. Loads of time to skate, the games are separated and don’t clear you off the floor
  3. About three times bigger than our last venue which was “average” size for a Roller Disco

The venue has all the usual facilities, like lockers for your valuables, comfy sofas for resting those tired skaters, SK8school TV to entertain those parents, great light show, fantastic skate guards, Drinks and Catering facilities, skate hire, multiple lounges, showers etc.

Help us make that first two weeks awesome! Spread the word, invite all your friends, remember the first two weeks of sessions are FREE, even the skate hire, so there is no reason not to try out our pristine new mega venue. No need to worry about over crowding we have room for more than 300 skaters at any one time.

Make sure you are there for the opening event, we’ll be running a Facebook photo contest – get yourself tagged in the photo with the most likes and everyone tagged in the most popular photo gets free entry for the month!

Why you’ll have the best TIME at Eastbournes MOST SPACIOUS Roller Disco

Eastbourne’s MOST SPACIOUS Roller Disco will better suite busy families weekend schedules with a more flexible opening time than our Hampden Park Disco. Its main Saturday Session will be from 2pm to 6pm. A Whopping 4 hours every week! We’re pretty sure this will give everyone time to eat and relax, before the fun starts on our Huge floor!

It’s Massive, Bright and Airy, very contrasting to our Hampden Park Venue. Mix in the fact that it’s 3 times the size, twice the duration and uniquely a “NON-STOP Roller Disco”, so you never need to leave the floor because a games on… and you get some pretty terrific value!

That’s right… No need to sit out for a good amount of the time, if you don’t like games. No interruption to your skating regardless of what’s on because of the size of the floor allows a smooth separation of activities. Plenty of room for 300+ skaters in our light; airy; ultra venue 🙂

That said, there will be plenty of games to suite all ages and abilities right through the sessions. We’ll be starting with Saturdays and expanding to other days (and nights) as soon as we can 🙂

Exact entry costs are still being finalised but safe to say, it will be the biggest, most spacious roller disco in town and very competitively priced. Families will additionally benefit from the super low cost of refreshments.

Please help the launch of this fabulous venue, by spreading the word as far as possible. Invite all your friends to the opening event. So even if you normally have other things set for Saturday afternoon February 6th – pop in on your way and see what all the fuss is about. Who knows, you might not want to leave!

It’s going to be very convenient as there is a huge free car park near by and excellent to the door bus service, secure cycle racks  – or you could just skate in 🙂

We’ll be running a facebook photo competition during the first Two weeks sessions – just tag yourself in all the photo’s you can find yourself in… Everyone that’s tagged in the photo with the most likes will have FREE entry for the rest of the month!

Watch out for our next post confirming a Tiny entry fee, for a BIG venue… coming soon!

Six things you’ll be able to find at Eastbourne’s MOST SPACIOUS Roller Disco

The Excitement and buzz is certainly building about Eastbourne’s Largest skate and Roller Disco Venue, the place where Hampden Park Roller Disco is moving too…

We’ve already covered needing more skate guards (and thanks for the response on that one people – but we could do with even more!) and we also covered some size comparisons with other indoor facilities and the great family friendly refreshments prices.

Here’s Six featured areas you can expect to find in the main arena of Eastbourne’s Most Spacious Roller Disco 🙂

Remember its an absolutely huge, marvellous quality, consistent, grippy and even floor. So there’s plenty of space to allocate to each fantastic feature, without ever feeling cramped. 300 skaters at once will still feel “roomy 🙂

ERD Booth Designs GamesERD Booth Designs Usual

  1. Temporary Games area in front of the DJ and Skate hire areas. This will be temporarily “coned out” just for games and will usually be about 30+ * 15+ metres depending on the game and its popularity. (So about the size of our old halls at Hampden Park, and that’s not even close to half the space we have!)
  2. Towards the far top left corner we’ll have plenty of space for slalom cones. We want to keep this away from the centre areas, because they’ll be in use by…
  3. Centre stage of the whole floor, is the Jam, Free skate dance, practise and teaching zones.
  4. Along the left side of the halls are a variety of benches and 2 separately zoned sofa lounge booths, for tired skaters and comfortable parents.
  5. The Skate Hire and DJ stage area is next to the entrance, to control the floor and right next to the …
  6. Skate Guard Pit… because the people that make it all happen need a rest too!

Now of course there’s plenty more at the venue, like separate party rooms, wall and ceiling mounted lighting, changing rooms and showers, lockers for valuables, separate customer lounges with refreshments etc.

Keep spreading the word skaters! We are really keen to give everyone possible the chance to experience this amazing skating experience, so we will shortly be announcing some super family friendly prices, to make sure everyone can enjoy it!

Keep an eye out for further articles in this series coming soon: “Why you’ll have the best TIME at Eastbourne’s Biggest Roller Disco”. And… “HUGE new venue, TINY cost of entry”… coming soon!