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Welcome to the Eastbourne Skate School website – the Internet home of Eastbourne Skating.

SK8school has been teaching Eastbourne to skate since 1995 and we have the most qualified and experienced instructors around. We are the only Internationally recognised Skate School in Eastbourne and the only group qualified to teach skate lessons beyond beginner level in the area.

SK8school has a team of 10+ Instructors, Coaches and Consultants covering much of Sussex and South London, with Skate Lessons, Skate Events, Roller Discos and Roller Birthday Parties, Hen Parties and Skate Hire.

Our Group Eastbourne Skate Lessons are the most affordable in Eastbourne , with a voucher from participating skate shops. Our Family Eastbourne Roller Disco also runs all year. We are a Child and Family Friendly Co-operative of skating professionals ready to get your life rolling!

Eastbourne’s BIGGEST Roller Disco, Refreshing Family Value!

We’ve told you about the floor, its size and what we’re going to do with it, but there’s plenty more to tell…

Skating is a fun activity for all the family and holds excitement and challenges for all ages and abilities. One thing’s for sure, all that fun and exercise is thirsty work!

Luckily, our new venue is not just all about a great floor…it’s also about giving you good value. That’s why you’ll find a great selection of reasonably priced refreshments available in our separate entrance lounge. There you can relax and sit comfortably away from the hustle and bustle of the skate floor. You can even watch TV.

Here’s a quick price check of some of what’s on offer:

  • Tea / Coffee 60p
  • Can of Coke 330ml 70p
  • Variety of Soups 70p
  • Crisps 70p
  • Chocolate bars and sweets 70p

Don’t see what you want? Feel free to bring your own food and drink. We are really keen to make sure we provide families with the most affordable family fun.

Keep spreading the word skaters to all your friends and family and watch out for our next big announcement in January!


Eastbournes Biggest Roller Disco – Non stop skating.

We are pleased to be able to tell you, that you could fit Hampden Park Sports Centre into our HUGE new central Eastbourne venues main arena, TWICE, side by side and still have plenty of space to skate around the outside!

There should be room for 300+ skaters comfortably :)

How will we use all this perfectly smooth, even, expansive skating space?

We can introduce the concept of Non stop skating!

There will never be any need to clear the floor to play games, interrupting the skating for those not wanting to chase about, as there will be enough space to separate the games and keep the disco going. We will also set aside space for other activities like teaching, dancing and slalom as well.

This will literally be a massive boost for Eastbourne Skating and we are looking forward to publicising ways that everyone can take part in the opening night.

Till then watch out for our, Refreshments Menu coming soon and the HUGE NEW VENUE Site Map article, which we plan to post in Early January :)

Previous posts in this series about Eastbournes Biggest Roller Disco: Skate Guards Required – were well received and the door is still open, as we still need some more!

Skate Guards Required for HUGE NEW Eastbourne Skating Venue

Well it’s an exciting time ahead for Sk8School! We’ve been working quietly in the background on a massive new skate venue in Eastbourne, which should be ready to roll, early 2016.

To make sure you get the best skating experience at our huge new venue and to keep up the high-quality standards you have come to expect from Sk8School’s Roller Discos, we are looking for additional Skate guards to join the team.

We’ve got a fair bit of time to train you up and we are more interested in attitude than skating prowess. You need to be 18+ by early 2016 to apply.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please present yourself to us at the Hampden Park Roller Disco any Saturday at 4pm. We’ll be happy to test you out!

Till then, keep a look out for our next article in this series about our HUGE new venue and how its size compares with all the other indoor skating venues in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Skating themes it HP!

Can you guess the theme for the Halloween Party at Hampden Park ?

HP Halloween Theme

Easy! Harry Potter! That’s a pretty broad theme – so it should suit everyone – and we hope you all come suitably suited! :)

Doors open 6pm Friday (Battle) and 4pm Saturday at Hampden Park.

Roller Discos at Battle Friday 30th October 6pm

and Hampden Park Saturday 31st October 4pm.

Skate hire available, special rates for pre-booked groups, birthday parties always welcome. Ideal for all ages and abilities, special family ticket available.

Halloween Fancy Dress Skate!

Halloween Skate Party Roller DiscoAt the end of October (30th & 31st) we’ll be running two Halloween Specials one at Hampden Park (the Eastbourne Roller Disco) on Saturday and one at Battle Roller Disco on Friday.

Both Events will be Fancy Dress and there will be prizes and smoke machines, lasers, SK8school TV, Skate Hire and all the usual roller disco thrills.

Just turn up at your chosen venue and have a great family night out!

Eastbourne Skating Lessons Move Indoors for the rest of the year.

Eastbournes best skating lessons for all ages and abilities now move indoors, starting this Sunday October 4th from 9am at Shinewater Sports Centre.


Booking is Essential as space and instructor ratios are tightly controlled.

There will also be Gradings on October 25th at the Sports Park. Again booking is essential, as we have over 100 kids every week in after school clubs and many of them will be wanting to have their skills tested.

First come first served! At the time of writing there were 3 places left for this week!