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Welcome to the Eastbourne Skate School website – the Internet home of skating in Eastbourne and across Sussex.

SK8school has been teaching Eastbourne to skate since 1995 and we have the most qualified and experienced instructors around. We are the only Internationally recognised Skate School in Eastbourne and the only group qualified to teach skate lessons beyond beginner level in the area.

SK8school has a team of 10+ Instructors, Coaches and Consultants covering much of Sussex and South London, with Skate Lessons, Skate Events, Roller Discos and Roller Birthday Parties, Hen Parties and Skate Hire.

Our Group Eastbourne Skate Lessons are the most affordable in Eastbourne , with a voucher from participating skate shops. Our Family Eastbourne Roller Disco also runs all year. We are a Child and Family Friendly Co-operative of skating professionals ready to get your life rolling!

ankle bags large

Skaters Christmas Presents

Need something for that special skate mad someone?

ankle bags small

Try the SK8school skate bag – for the skate! Worn on the ankle on the boot cuff this little bag is that “extra pocket” that every recreational skater now needs…

No longer juggle cash, keys, phone and skate tools this extra pocket keeps those essentials close to hand and nice and safe.

Available in a variety of styles and designs suitable for all ages for boy’s girls, men and women.

Made of tough water proof rip-stop fabric and fully adjustable to fit any size skate.

angle on small

£10 per bag. Available while stocks last and currently selling with a free skate Allen Key thrown in!

A Great Christmas present of fabulous as part of our Roller Birthday Parties.

Skaters at the Eastbourne Carnival Meetup

Skaters at the Eastbourne Carnival Procession

Last year we managed an impressive display and we hope to do so again this year. Currently the best plan for skaters intending to take part in the procession is to gather at the Skaters Cage from 3pm. Skating up to the official start point (Western Lawns) from about 3:30pm.

The actual carnival procession starts at 4pm and takes a route from the Western Lawns to Princess Park.

There will be FREE drinks for all skaters on their way back through the procession – just pop in to the Entrance of the Cage.

Weather permitting we’ll be there from about 3pm through to the procession going past again around 5pm(ish).

NOTE : this is for Saturday 31st May and means there will be no Hampden Park Roller Disco this Saturday, though Eastbourne Sunday morning Skate Lessons remain unaffected.

Kids and Parents learning to skate in Eastbourne

Eastbourne Sports Festival Skating

This years Sports Festival was as usual fully booked for SK8school at Hampden Park Sports Centre. We ran lessons and games for all ages ahead of the weekly roller disco and even managed some Dancing!

Skate Dance at Hampden Park

A great atmosphere and a great fun family pursuit – take a look at the photo’s and see what you missed. If you were there then feel free to tag your selves in the photo’s and Videos on our Facebook page.

Eastbourne Sports Festival Skating Games and Lessons

Eastbourne Skate Festival Skate Games and Lessons

Eastbourne Skate Festival Skate Games and Lessons

Eastbourne Skate Festival Skate Games and Lessons

Training for Skate4000

Eastbourne Skate Lessons move outdoors…

Our main weekly lessons move outdoors on SUNDAY April 6th at 9am to the Cage on Royal Parade at Fishermans Green.

Eastbourne Skate Lessons for Beginners at the Cage by SK8school

All are welcome, of all ages and abilities. We plan to offer classes with multiple instructors each week, so you can find a class that suites you.

Further information about our class structures is here : Eastbourne Summer Skate Lessons.

Private lessons are as always available on request.

Our Streetwize course dates and a new Skate Night School will be announced shortly.