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Welcome to the Eastbourne Skate School website – the Internet home of Eastbourne Skating.

SK8school has been teaching Eastbourne to skate since 1995 and we have the most qualified and experienced instructors around. We are the only Internationally recognised Skate School in Eastbourne and the only group qualified to teach skate lessons beyond beginner level in the area.

SK8school has a team of 10+ Instructors, Coaches and Consultants covering much of Sussex and South London, with Skate Lessons, Skate Events, Roller Discos and Roller Birthday Parties, Hen Parties and Skate Hire.

Our Group Eastbourne Skate Lessons are the most affordable in Eastbourne , with a voucher from participating skate shops. Our Family Eastbourne Roller Disco also runs all year. We are a Child and Family Friendly Co-operative of skating professionals ready to get your life rolling!

Eastbourne Skating Lessons Move Indoors for the rest of the year.

Eastbournes best skating lessons for all ages and abilities now move indoors, starting this Sunday October 4th from 9am at Shinewater Sports Centre.


Booking is Essential as space and instructor ratios are tightly controlled.

There will also be Gradings on October 25th at the Sports Park. Again booking is essential, as we have over 100 kids every week in after school clubs and many of them will be wanting to have their skills tested.

First come first served! At the time of writing there were 3 places left for this week!

Eastbourne Skating for PSP – the Eastbourne Roller Disco Sponsored 12 hour skate.

Eastbourne Skating for PSP – the Eastbourne Roller Disco Sponsored 12 hour skate. September 19th Midday- midnight!

Eastbourne Skating for PSP Skate Poster smallWhat a Line up!

  • Guest DJs
  • Dance Demos
  • Lessons
  • Roller Basket Ball
  • Pyjama Party
  • Loads more!

All the usual fun of the Hampden Park Roller Disco (4-6pm) wrapped up with yet more skating mid day, to midnight! Plenty of games, brand new light show, SK8school TV and more!

All proceeds and donations to the PSP fund for Davids Ultra Challenge for PSP. Suggested donation of £4 entry and £2 skate hire. Got more sponsors than the entry fee? FREE ENTRY :) Please download the sponsor form and get your hours sponsored for the fund! The skate is 19th September, Half past Midday to half past Midnight!

(Find out more about PSP here)

The Skate till late for PSP event.

The session is at Hampden Park Sports Centre, Brodrick Road – the site of Eastbournes oldest Roller Disco the Hampden Park Roller Disco (Opening from its usual summer break on 12th September 4pm).

Help us spread the word:

Join the Facebook event and spread it around.

Download the Sponsorship form, get some sponsors and skate with us as long as you can!

Download PSP Skate Poster and Print out the poster and put it up for us!


When Do I need to turn up?

When ever yo can make it, for as long as you can manage. Everyone has busy schedules – but at some point in the 12 hours you should be able to make it!

I didn’t get any sponsors can I come anyway?

Yes – and bring friends! Just make a donation on the door, no need to worry about skates either, there’s plenty of hire and all proceeds go to the fund.

Do I have to skate all 12 hours?

No, just skate as long as you can manage – get sponsored by the hour and every little helps.

Summer Skating Sessions

The Summer Holidays are nearly upon us and SK8school has all your skating needs covered, with a weekly choice of FREE and paid skate sessions.

Here’s the full list with links.


Skate Camp – based on our after school skate clubs, these sessions cost £5 and

Eastbourne Skate Lessons - Kids Skate Camp
Eastbourne Skate Lessons – Kids Skate Camp

include skate hire and FREE Drinks, the hour long sessions use specially crafted games to improve 5-11 year olds skating abilities, so they learn whilst they have fun. There will be two sessions and you should book into either one (or both).

Wednesday Night Skate – a Free tour of Eastbourne (and other places) on skates.

Eastbourne Wednesday Night Skate - Summer 7pm at the Cage
Eastbourne Wednesday Night Skate – Summer 7pm at the Cage

Each week the route varies and so does the start point so do check you are going to the right place before setting out. The options on this skate vary hugely, sometimes we skate to Hampden Park for Fish n Chips, Sometimes to Pevensey for a Beach BBQ, Marina for a Beer, Holywell for Ice Cream, Bexhill etc….


Free Afternoon Skate Session – Based on the Eastbourne Roller Disco at Hampden Park, The Skate Guards and Instructors run a FREE session at the Cage and 20150614_141146_2 - smallBasketball courts, with FREE Drinks and some skate hire available. Officially 4-6pm but the Cage is open to all 24/7. No need to book, just turn up with your friends.


Eastbourne Skate Lessons – For all ages and abilities. Booking is essential. £8 Adult, £5 Child, £5 Hire, Protective Gear Free.

Free Afternoon Skate Session – as per Saturday, Free fun and games, Free Drinks, some skate hire.


For other spontaneous events and happenings in Eastbourne check our Facebook Page and Twitter. Our our website lists Eastbourne Skating Events.

Eastbourne Skating Treasure Hunt Results 2015

IMAG2126 - smallWell done to all those Skaters, Cyclists, Walkers, Scooters etc. Amazing efforts from 80+ people making 15+ teams and solving the clues to this years Treasure hunt. Here’s the results break down and analysis.

School Teams were entered from Ocklynge (2 teams) Haven and Parkland.

Here’s the overall positions for all teams taking part on the day Ranked from First to Last (except the top team actually scored 0 not 35 as alas… they finished 4 minutes after the race).

Team Name Captain Adults Kids Time Spd Item Pix Qs Total
The Goonies Sam Fasbender 4 2 2.23 10 8 17 35NO Finish
Team Marine Olivia 3 0 1.13 2 6 6 17 31
Team Winners Cptn Quk Cptn Slw 4 5 1.15 1 9 7 14 31
Team Awsome Mark Rowe 4 3 1.04 3 7 6 14 30
SK8 City Rollers Tom Davis 4 4 1.42 8 4 13 25
Ooops I crashed Again Alfie Woollard 2 2 1.48 7 5 13 25
Ock Sk8 Lana Burnett 4 5 1.49 7 3 15 25
Wild Goose Chasers Bobbie Rummery 3 0 1.58 9 6 9 24
The Hills are Alive Rowland 2 2 1.37 3 5 13 21
Brown & Sticky Kevin Brown 3 3 1.47 10 0 5 15
Triple G George Burnett 2 1 1.55 1 3 11 15
Parklands Crew Steph Scarlett 2 3 1.57 0 2 13 15
The Cast Aways Cheryl 2 3 1.46 4 0 5 9
Ringmer Clueless Tania Rivers 1 3 No Finish 0

And here’s the School team results.

Team Name Captain School Time Spd Item Pix Qs Total
Team Marine Olivia Haven 1.13 2 6 6 17 31
Ock Sk8 Lana Burnett Ock 1 1.49 7 3 15 25
SK8 City Rollers Tom Davis Ock 2 1.42 8 4 13 25
Parklands Crew Steph Scarlett Parkland 1.57 0 2 13 15

Interesting Stuff we noticed:

IMAG2142 - small
Jake from Team OCK SK8 – clearly too cool for school!

Only 8 Teams managed to get the X marks the spot question right.

Half the teams didn’t read the questions through before setting off and only realised on question 7 that the first 6 questions didn’t count! (Even though it was in the instructions and individually pointed out at team launch!).

Team Marine were so quick (but not the quickest) that they finished before the judges turned up – AND they’d stopped to answer questions 1-6 which they didn’t need to do! Would it have cost them the 9 minutes difference from the fastest team – Team Awesome?

Team Marine and Team “Winners” tied on score, but in the event of a tie, its the faster team that wins.

Team Goonies scored highest, but unfortunately missed out on getting back before we’d closed up and counted all the scores! 4 minutes faster and they’d have won it!

Treasure Hunt Winners 2015
Well Done Marine Team from Haven – Winners 2015
IMAG2147 - small
Team Brown & Sticky – before the going got tough!

The picture triangulation questions were in general answered correctly and almost everyone spotted the subtle photo shop question, of extra bike racks. More people in fact than a few years ago when we “removed the whole pier” from a view and people were telling us a dog bin had moved!

All in all a fantastic day and everyone seemed to love it. Best turn out yet and we’re looking forward to next years already!

IMAG2149 - small
The Goonies – highest score on the day… but alas 4 minutes after closing!
20150614_141146_2 - small
Judge John – always loves setting up the hunt for everyone to enjoy and always the main man for the route tests – Cheers John! :)
Awaiting the Results!
20150614_161239 - Small
The other two partners in crime – judging the treasure hunt results and scores.
IMAG2166 - Small
Team “The Hills are Alive” racing through the clues!
IMAG2141 - small
The rest of Team OCK SK8 from Ocklynge.
IMAG2129 - small
Team Captains briefing – nothing can go wrong!

Next Hunt 2016 – see you there!

Eastbourne is skating for fun this weekend!

Anticipations of this years Treasure Hunt is building, we already have 11 teams registered and expect several more before the deadline of midday Sunday.

The teams are currently…

Team Name Captain
Tshirts 4U Olivia
SK8 City Rollers Tom Davis
Wild Goose Chasers Bobbie Rummery
Ock Sk8 Lana Burnett
Ringmer Rollers Tania Rivers
Too fast to catch Yvonne
Ooops I crashed Again Alfie Woollard
The Browns Kevin Brown
Clueless Kim Cameron
The Winners Cptn Quk Cptn Slw
Team Awsome Mark Rowe

So good luck to all of them!

31 Adults and 26 kids so far make up the teams but there are still more teams out there deciding on whether to cycle, scoot, skate or walk and “all importantly” getting a good team name.

If you need to register a team – do it here : Treasure Hunt Team Registration.

Eastbourne Skating Variety!

Eastbourne Skating is always and exciting and vibrant activity for many people in the community, here’s some of the best and brightest skating events coming your way in the next few days. Complete with handy links for booking in :)

Sunday 31st Group Lessons from 9:30am Skaters Cage.

Sunday 31st Ryans Wheel Chair and Smart Drive Charity Skate (Facebook)

and here to go straight to the gofundme page. 2pm from Bexhill Pavilion.

Sunday 7th JuneSkate Grading from 11am Skaters Cage.

Sunday 14th JuneSeafront Treasure Hunt (Team Booking) 2pm Skaters Cage, round the redoubt and finishing in the Marina.

Battle Roller Disco – Fridays 6pm (Lessons at 5pm)

Eastbourne Roller Disco at Hampden Park – Saturdays 4pm

Wednesday Night Skate – From the Cage 7:30pm (With a little Roller Basketball)