Eastbourne Roller Disco at Hampden Park ready for another rain fueled Saturday :)

Looks like the forecast is perfect roller disco weather again this weekend! So spread the word and get your friends down to Saturdays Hampden Park at 5:15pm – we have plenty of skate hire that’s ready for some new learners! Or try Bexhill’s Roller Disco at 5:30pm :)

Remember the Lessons are now outside on Sunday Mornings at the Cage and are weather dependent so keep an eye on the skaters social network for cancellations – but as the Roller Disco is indoors (at the moment) it’s always on :)

Eastbourne Roller Disco – Whats Next?

Eastbourne Roller Disco - Saturdays 5:15pm Hampden ParkSeveral excellent turnouts to the Saturday Session of the Eastbourne Roller Disco at Hampden Park Roller Disco and people are asking can we have longer?

Well certainly a second session was always on the cards and we fully expected to introduce a second session in September/October, so to be asked for an extra session as the Summer approaches is amazing news – just when we expected to start seeing numbers tailing off!

However before we get too ahead of ourselves – lets see how our current plans unfold…

The OUTDOOR session of our Roller Disco will probably begin in May, which means that the Roller Disco will remain comfortable even if the temperatures soar!

No need to worry about being in a hot sports hall, we’re off outdoors :) … and if it happens to rain, you never need to worry about it being cancelled, we’ll simply be inside as usual.

So whatever happens to the weather, you can be sure there will be a comfortable Roller Disco every Saturday through the Summer at Hampden Park.

As for second sessions… watch this space ;)

Eastbourne Skate Lessons – GO or No Go? in this weather…

Eastbourne Skate Lessons, Sundays at the Cage with SK8school
Eastbourne Skate Lessons, Sundays at the Cage with SK8school

If you are booked in for the Skate Lessons at the Cage on a Sunday morning (9:15 for 9:30) you’ve probably been keeping a worried eye on the weather.

Don’t worry about ringing in to check before the lesson – just check the Skaters Social Network, which will display the latest information and Lesson Status by 8:30am for the Sunday Morning Lessons.

Eastbourne Roller Disco at Hampden Park all set for another bumper turn out…

We’re all ready for another bumper turn out this weekend, with plenty of rain for the week keeping the skaters off the streets :(

Never mind, you can burn off those stored calories at Hampden Park on Saturday and while your are there marvel at the new footage on SK8school TV!

All the usual fun and games watched over by our fabulous and alert skate guard team.

Doors open at 5:15pm See you there!